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Fake Donald Trump ‘arrest’ pics go viral

The camera doesn’t lie…right? Well, in 2023 it does.

Photographs of politicians, including Donald Trump, being ‘arrested’ have gone viral with some people believing them to be legitimate.

All of these images are competely AI generated and again proves how far this technology has come over the last few months.

Near-perfect realism has been achieved where it’s difficult to distinguish between the real and the unreal and poses some significant questions - particularly for the journalism industry.

The rise of image generators like Midjourney and DALL-E has made it possible to create scenes that look believable. When trying to imagine a scene from a different decade, they match the colour tones of the cameras used from that time, style of clothing, cars, buildings and more.

It's the attention to detail that makes it believable and transports you to a different time - a time that didn't really happen.

Since founding Absolutely Ai, we have tried to be upfront and transparent about the potential and consequences of AI.

Its power is equally exciting and terrifying and sadly, there will be some people who abuse it.

The camera doesn’t lie? Welcome to 2023.

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