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AI image wins historic photography competition

Updated: Jun 17

AI image wins historic photography competition.

Recently we won a popular DigiDirect photography competition by entering a drone shot of a pair of surfers at sunrise. It’s a beautiful image, but it’s not real - at least not in the traditional sense.

The most stolen photograph AI imagery Absolutely Ai

That’s because this image was created using AI. After learning that we had won, we came clean to the company and we returned the cash prize. So why did we do it? We did it to prove that we’re at a turning point with artificially intelligent technology by passing the ultimate test.

Could an AI generated image not only slip by unnoticed (not one person who has seen the image has sensed anything out of the ordinary) but actually be awarded the top prize by a photography expert? The answer is resoundingly yes. We will look back on this time as the time everything changed.

The genie is out of the bottle and there’s no going back as automation moves into our everyday lives. Recently we have seen ChatGPT pass law, business and medical exams but no one has been discussing the impact that AI will have on the creative industries.

Back to our award-winning ‘photograph…' We entered the photography competition using the name Jan van Eycke, the same name as the 15th century painter who is known for creating the most stolen artwork of all time. Or to be more accurate, was the most stolen artwork…until now... as an AI image wins historic photography competition.

Jan Van Eyck

History may look back on our little photography experiment as a turning point when we started to notice the brave new world we’re living in.

The most stolen photograph AI imagery Absolutely Ai

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