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Creating The 'Perfect' Craft Beer With AI

In a trailblazing collaboration that bridges the gap between tradition and technology, Absolutely AI and Modus Brewery have unveiled Neural Network, a craft beer that epitomises the fusion of artificial intelligence with the age-old art of brewing.

Absolutely AI brings to the table its prowess in artificial intelligence, while Modus Brewery contributes its acclaimed brewing expertise.

Neural network AI artificial intelligence beer branding

This partnership not only highlights the innovative potential within the brewing industry but also marks a significant milestone in the application of AI for creative expression.

The aim was to create the 'perfect' craft beer and Absolutely Ai used tools to provide an innovative ingredients list, brewing process and name for a delicious 7% East Coast IPA.

Crafting with AI: A New Era

The creation process began with an ambitious goal: to harness the capabilities of AI in analysing and synthesising data from an extensive array of beer recipes and brewing methods. The aim was ambitious yet clear - to distill the essence of summer along the Australian coast into a beer that captures the spirit of Newcastle’s surf culture.

Through meticulous data analysis, the AI formulated a recipe that promised a novel taste experience, rich in complexity and designed to appeal to the discerning palates of craft beer lovers.

Absolutely Ai marketing and branding assets

But Does it Taste Any Good...?

So, with all this talk of AI and data analysis, the big question remains: How does Neural Network actually taste?

Even the brewers, who had poured their expertise and anticipation into this project, were in for a surprise. At a blind tasting competition in Sydney, where the true test is all in the flavour, Neural Network not only impressed but also claimed a silver medal.

This achievement was unexpected, to say the least. The team at Modus Brewery knew they were onto something new with Neural Network, but the beer's success at the competition underscored something special. It wasn’t just about the novelty of using AI; the beer genuinely stood out on taste alone among a field of seasoned contenders. This silver medal served as a validation, a moment of realisation that Neural Network was not just a technological experiment—it was a deliciously crafted beer that could hold its own in the competitive world of craft brewing.

Neural network AI artificial intelligence beer branding

Visual Identity: More Than Just a Beer

Absolutely AI took the helm in crafting a visual and marketing strategy that mirrors the beer’s innovative roots. The can design, featuring a striking orange color and a robot catching waves, encapsulates the essence of Neural Network’s story. It’s a visual nod to the synergy between Modus Brewery’s surf-centric audience and the cutting-edge technology that created this unique brew.

Tailoring a Narrative

The marketing narrative for Neural Network was meticulously crafted to resonate with the Modus Brewery audience. Set against the backdrop of Newcastle's vibrant surf scene, the campaign highlights the beer's innovative creation process while staying true to the community values and lifestyle that define Modus Brewery's brand.

Absolutely Ai created all marketing assets and videos to hype the release and ensure it sold-out in no time, leading to an extended run in stores and breweries.

The team at Modus Brewing

Looking Ahead: The Intersection of Brewing and AI

This collaboration between Absolutely AI and Modus Brewery paves the way for future explorations into how technology can augment and enhance the brewing process, promising exciting possibilities for innovation in flavour, production, and branding within the craft beer industry.

As Neural Network makes its way to beer enthusiasts, it invites us to ponder the future of brewing—a future where the collaboration between human creativity and artificial intelligence continues to push the boundaries of what's possible, crafting experiences that are not only novel but deeply resonant with the tastes and traditions of communities worldwide.

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