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How AI is Shaking-Up Video and Film

The Straight Scoop on AI and Filmmaking

Hollywood is getting ready for another shake-up.

Artificial Intelligence is on the brink of transforming everything we thought we knew about making movies and videos.

Don't believe me? Watch this video of the Joker playing to a sold-out crowd.

Why Hollywood Needs to Pay Attention

Here’s the deal: AI is not coming; it’s already here.

It can now even allow you to change any character WITH any character. Talk about an ace up the sleeve.

And it’s also going to make video production cheaper, faster, and more creative. This means indie filmmakers and content creators can produce Hollywood-quality work on a shoestring budget. The big studios? They'll need to adapt or risk being outpaced by smaller, more agile competitors who are leveraging AI to its full potential.

The Joker AI

But what about the actors?

Recently, Hollywood writers, under the Writers Guild of America (WGA), achieved a significant triumph in securing substantial guardrails against the potential overreach of AI in the creative processes of filmmaking. This landmark agreement, arising from one of the longest labor strikes in Hollywood history, outlines clear boundaries for AI's role, ensuring that the essence of human creativity remains at the heart of storytelling.

The Concerns of Actors in an AI-Enhanced Future

While writers have secured a notable victory, actors face a distinct set of challenges in the AI debate. The acting profession, inherently grounded in human expression and emotion, stands at a crossroads. With technologies capable of creating digital likenesses or "AI doubles," the fear is not unfounded that actors could be sidelined, their craft commodified to the extent that a day's work might be exploited in perpetuity.

SAG Aftrs strike

Embracing a Future Where Humans and AI Co-create

The conversation around AI in Hollywood is far from over. As the industry navigates these uncharted waters, the focus must remain on fostering an environment where AI serves as a collaborative tool, enhancing the creative process without erasing the human element that lies at the heart of film and television. The journey ahead involves not just safeguarding jobs but also exploring how AI can be harnessed to open new realms of creativity, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in storytelling while preserving the integral role of human actors in bringing stories to life.

As Hollywood stands on the brink of this new era, the collective action and dialogue of writers, actors, and all creatives will be crucial in shaping a future where technology and tradition merge to create art that is both innovative and deeply human.

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