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2023: The year of AI

Updated: Jan 4

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Art is an inherently human pursuit...

It is a way to express yourself and share emotions and experiences with others, but what if we could take the human part out of it?

What if AI could not only create art that looked like something a human would make, but also create new types of art that have never been seen before? The possibilities are endless when it comes to using artificial intelligence in art.

AI has been used in various ways throughout history—many examples include self-driving cars and predicting natural disasters—and now it's being applied to the world of art.

By utilising computer algorithms and neural networks (networks of nodes loosely modeled after the human brain), artists are now able to build programs capable of drawing realistic pictures on their own or creating music without needing input from humans at all.

Ai and music

Over the past few years, we've seen AI write short stories that impress even experienced writers; convert any photo into an oil painting; and even start to generate rap songs that sound like actual hip-hop tracks (though admittedly they aren't always great).

This new technology is used to reproduce the sounds of a musical instrument. It's different from a guitar or piano simulator because it learns how to play just like an actual person would. Early music experts, however might have some concerns as AI becomes better at imitating humans.

Although AI has actually been used to create music for decades. Since the 1950s, AI has been used to create music in a creative way. With the advent of deep learning and neural networks, we’re now seeing more and more examples of AI-created music.

In the future, artificial intelligence will have a huge impact on music. We're already seeing this with AI assisting in post-production for movies, or even composing original tracks. But it's not just about composing music: Ai can analyze the acoustic properties of instruments and interpret them in an interesting way.

So what's left for humans in this new world? That's up for debate and things will certainly change over time.

Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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