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Midjourney Masterclass

If you're looking for an easy-to-understand guide to creating professional A.I. imagery, this is the course for you!


Midjourney is one of the most powerful creative tools on the market and can be used to create stunning art and imagery that promotes your brand, project and can earn you money. We have used it to create viral imagery for major brands including the NFL to reach more than 50 million people around the world.


Your instructor, Jamie, is the founder of Absolutely Ai creative content agency and has spent the year holding exclusive A.I. classes to top content creators on behalf of companies like Sony and Interactive Minds

Why this is the Midjourney course for you?


We will give you the following tools to succeed, including:


  1. Powerful S.E.S Framework: Revolutionise your image creation

  2. Reaching the Right Audience:  Effectively marking your mark

  3. Monetisation Guide: Turn creativity into cash

  4. Cameras: Capture perfection with precision

  5. Lighting: Illuminate with professional flair

  6. Lenses: Craft visuals with depth

  7. Photographic Effects: Elevate imagery with finesse

  8. Artistic Styles: Unleash creativity, redefine styles

  9. Choosing the Correct Aspect Ratio: Perfect framing, every time

  10. Camera Angles: Dynamic perspectives, captivating results

  11. Shadow: Master the art of contrast

  12. Adding Emotion and Meaning: Infuse depth, tell stories

  13. Parameters: Fine-tune for impeccable visuals

  14. Multi-Prompts: Amplify creativity, multiply impact

  15. Prompt Weighting: Optimise for balanced compositions

  16. Advanced Techniques: Harness innovation, lead trends

  17. Face-swapping: Achieve realistic likeness seamlessly

  18. Adding Servers: Expand capabilities, enhance performance

  19. Best Practice Settings: Optimise for success

  20. Version Styles: Adapt, evolve, impress


For a limited time, you will also receive an exclusive 150 PROFESSIONAL PROMPT PACK that will include dozens of artistic styles from hyper-real photography to captivating cartoons, providing you with a versatile toolkit to kickstart your journey in creating viral and professional AI imagery for your business or projects. 

Meet your controversial instructor:


In 2023, Jamie made global headlines by winning the world's first photography competition using an A.I. 'photograph' (queue the backlash!) and has since travelled to major cities educating top content creators to incorporate artificial intelligence tools into their workflow.


Why Choose the Midjourney online course?

  • Expert Mentorship: Learn from Jamie, a pioneer in the AI imagery domain with a proven track record of creating viral and award-winning content. His collaborations with industry giants like the NFL have set new standards in the field of AI imagery.

  • Innovative Curriculum: Our comprehensive curriculum covers everything from the basics to advanced strategies, including the revolutionary S.E.S framework, setting you up for a successful career in AI imagery.

  • Real-World Applications: Gain exclusive insights from case studies showcasing successful collaborations and learn the secrets behind creating content that resonates globally.

Course Highlights

  1. Getting Started with Midjourney: A step-by-step guide to setting up your account and optimizing settings for the best results.

  2. Basics of Image Generation: Dive deep into different styles like photography, painting, and artistic styles.

  3. Advanced Techniques: Learn how to bring your vision to life with advanced techniques, including incorporating different directorial styles.

  4. Storytelling Essentials: Master the art of adding emotion and meaning to your imagery, creating content that carries a profound impact.

  5. Demographics and Tailoring: Learn how to create imagery that resonates with different age groups, with a special assignment around Fitrevolution.



This is your golden ticket to mastering the art of A.I. imagery with Midjourney, offering you a head start in this exciting creative revolution with this course that's curated by an award-winning AI artist.

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