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Next-generation storytelling

Our award-winning team blends expertise in filmmaking, video production, and journalism with cutting-edge AI tools to craft videos without boundaries.


Ideal for professional production studios, marketing teams, advertising agencies and those who value creative video content.

Woman at the ocean

We create tailor-made AI video content to engage your audience in ways that haven't been possible before.

Album art cover
astronaut AI generated
"Absolutely AI did an incredible job of designing my album art and bringing it to life.
Definitely recommend them for creative artificial intelligence content."

L2 Diaspora, Music Artist


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AI beauty product promotion
beauty AI generated

Branded content, marketing and advertising video production

Put your brand front and centre with AI video content that matches your goals and audience.

Whether you’re launching a new product or redefining an existing one, let our AI video team place you in the spotlight.

beauty product

Trusted by the best for artificial intelligence content.


Any style.
Any scene.
Any time period.

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"Absolutely AI created a documentary for us to reimagine one of Australia's defining stories, the Eureka Stockade.
Because this was retelling a real, historical event, accuracy was hugely important and attention detail was crucial. 

It's incredible to look into such realistic faces and use this imagery to tell our story."

Eureka Australia

Welcome to the world of AI video 

  • What does Absolutely Ai do?
    Absolutely Ai combines the latest technology with expertise in design, photography, filmmaking, social media and digital marketing to create standout content for brands or creative projects. We elevate brand engagement through innovative content that sets you apart in your industry. We specialise in social media content, graphic design, website landing pages, product photography, music and video creation.
  • What advantages does AI video production offer over traditional methods?
    AI video production removes traditional without the need for on-site filming. This innovative approach allows for greater flexibility and efficiency, as AI can generate high-quality visuals and scenes that might be impractical or impossible to capture through conventional methods. This not only saves time and reduces costs but also opens up a realm of creative possibilities, allowing us to tell your story in unique and impactful ways.
  • What AI tools do you use?
    We use a variety of AI tools and we select the best fit for your project's individual needs. Our team are experts in picking the right tools for the job; whether its generating imagery, next-generation marketing materials, traditional graphic design - or a mixture of all.
  • Is AI-driven content creation cost-effective?
    Absolutely! The cost of hiring individual experts such as photographers, graphic designers, filmmakers, social media gurus, and digital marketing professionals can quickly add up. Absolutely Ai provides comprehensive input and expertise without increasing your headcount, making our services a cost-effective option for your creative and marketing needs.
  • How do you ensure historical accuracy in your AI projects?
    Our team works closely with you to understand the story you want to tell, ensuring that every detail is correct and handled with care. Through careful research and consultation, we aim to produce content that is both engaging and true to historical facts where necessary.
  • Why should I choose AI for my content?
    You're choosing to stay ahead in the creative game. Artificial intelligence is having a huge impact on areas like photography, graphic design, filmmaking, video production and music. We aim to help you get the most out of this new technology without losing your authenticity. Our 'next-generation' content is not only eye-catching and engaging but also highly personalised and effective in communicating your brand’s message. This means stories are told more compellingly, with every frame tailored to perfection.
  • What makes you different to traditional methods?
    Our strength lies in our solid background in traditional content creation, now enhanced by cutting-edge artificial intelligence. Our team consists of experienced creatives who have seamlessly integrated their expertise into the AI space. This combination allows us to produce logos, website landing pages, social media graphics, advertising materials, and promotional content that retain the essence of traditional design while benefiting from AI's creativity and efficiency. We take pride in blending AI advancements with time-tested design techniques, providing our clients with innovative solutions that maintain the integrity of classic design principles.
  • How do I start a project with Absolutely Ai?
    Starting your project is simple. Live chat with us or send us an email and we'll set up a time for a discovery call to discuss how we can bring your content to life with artificial intelligence. From initial chat to project launch, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.
  • Do you offer public speaking and AI education?
    Yes, we offer public speaking and AI education services. At Absolutely Ai, we're keen on sharing our knowledge about artificial intelligence and its applications in creative fields and beyond. Our team is ready to deliver talks, workshops, or participate in panel discussions for a variety of audiences, from industry professionals to curious learners. We tailor our sessions to meet the interests and needs of your group, aiming to provide valuable insights into the world of AI. If you're interested in incorporating artificial intelligence education or public speaking into your next event, email us at
  • Are you based in Australia?
    Yes! Absolutely AI calls Australia home, but our reach is global. We're the innovative pulse of Australia's technology and creative sectors, serving clients from Sydney to the bustling business hubs of Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth. Our local knowledge means we can create content that not only appeals to Australian audiences but also stands out in a competitive global market, thanks to our expertise in AI-driven services like design, photography, filmmaking, and digital marketing. If you're ready to explore what AI can do for your brand, we're here to make it happen, no matter where you're based.
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